The most common issues with Bank Appraisals

Whether it’s your first home or third investment property, one of the most common challenges, is getting through a bank appraisal of the property.


Even though a bank appraisal is not as comprehensive as a house inspection, it is still possible that issues can arise from the process.

Here are some of the most common scenarios that a bank valuer, may identify as deficiencies that will need to be addressed immediately:

·       Peeling paint

·        Lack of handrails on steps, decks or verandahs.

·        Broken and or missing windows/window panes and glass

·        Roof issues

·        Inadequate electrical systems

·        Non-functioning heating & cooling system


A bank valuation is protecting the large investment that the bank is making.

These common issues with a bank valuation can be avoided if pre-emptive steps are taken to address any glaring deficiencies in the property.


For more information about bank valuations or investment loans, contact us @ propertyloans@realrenta.com  and we will arrange for a lending specialist from our trusted finance partner to contact you shortly.


Marlene Liontis
Friday, 29 November 2019

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